I did some search there is topic about collaborating with Academia but not translator issue.
I find it strange that zotero can't translate publication from academia?
the translator only grab it as webpage and didn't grab any meta info like author or the pdf file, or the abstract.
  • do you have an example of a page?
  • example:
  • this is the original, also is not translated by zotero
  • for -- I do seem to remember this coming up and the big issue here is really the quality of metadata, which is really non-existent. You're likely better off downloading the PDF and using retrieve metadata than anything we could do.
  • Researchgate translator is working fine, but sometimes it download the pdf partially and wont open, you need to download it manually then replace the attached file.
  • Has there been any progress on a translator for If not, I'll start working on one.
  • Update: I now have a working translator for books, book sections, journal articles, and conference papers that also downloads the pdf. I'll test it a bit more before submitting it.
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