idisk or mobileme webdav URL

Hello, does anyone know the right URL for using Apples iDisk ?

I've tried

and probably a few other variations, none of which work upon pressing the Verify button :(((


    Note that http:// and /zotero/ are already typed and are not optional

    This means you'll need to make a folder within your public folder called Zotero

    You can also use a non-public folder, i.e.

    also http:// is used instead of https://
  • Can you help me be clear on this as I failed to make it work first go round despite advice from mobile me support - who attached this thread to a reply.

    If I put it on public folder does that mean it is not protected. If I put it on the non public folder is it password protected, which I would prefer

    Many thanks
  • I'm having the same problem. Can anyone give me clear steps as to how to save my zotero library on my idisk? When I went to the sync menu under preferences, I put in with my user name and password underneath, but it's telling me that it's not a valid web DAV. I went into my idisk and added a zotero folder as someone else suggested, but this doesn't seem to help.

    Can anyone please help!?!?! I was so excited when I found zotero, but now it seems to be causing more trouble than it's worth!
  • Courage! I have used other commercial reference services and software and find Zotero worth the effort. The big plus for me is the ability to search by keyword my entire reference base, see the relevant articles, click directly to linked attachments. It is a very good research tool. This is really important for me.

    There are gaps in the core functionality of citation but some of that lies with me being a Mac user. 1.5 has addressed a few critical ones. There are developments to come and it will take time before it is as elegant as we want but if you persist, eventually you will solve the problem. Let us wait for a response and see what happens.
  • chrisrose75 -

    ebradleyjohnson has it right. the webdav URL for iDisk is

    Since I don't have an iDisk account myself, I can't confirm whether you need to add a /zotero directory manually. My understanding was that Zotero does that automatically.

    As for security, it's all a question of what iDisk allows. If they use regular webdav, the URL would use http://. If it's secure webdav, you would select "WebDAV (Secure)" from the drop-down menu in the Sync preference pane. That will automatically change it to https://.
  • I have just managed this with a bit of online chat support of Apple mobile me. I used http and password protected my public folder (system preference - mobile me - idisk). However I had to set up a folder under Public called zotero for it to work. Then it seems to have worked

    What I now have in my mobile me account are a lot of zipped folders with meaningless names. What could I possibly do with that file structure? Can I back up from it?
  • What I now have in my mobile me account are a lot of zipped folders with meaningless names. What could I possibly do with that file structure?
    You don't do anything with it. It's just for Zotero's file sync.

    A future version of Zotero will allow for uncompressed file syncing, but there are technical difficulties with supporting that on disparate WebDAV servers (and via slow upstream connections).
  • Thanks for the quick turnaround on this issue. OK, I will back up zipped, I assume if I have a disaster, you can help me unzip and reinstall - when the uncompressed sync is available I will upgrade. I have time machine working so I should be OK.

    FYI I think that there is a London UK user forum coming up. Can you point me to the details? I would love to meet other users and get some ideas - problem shooting
  • You don't need to back up the Zotero files on your WebDAV server—you just need to back up your local Zotero data directory (which it sounds like you're already doing with Time Machine).
  • True but I thought I needed WebDAV server to backup all the attached documents?
  • WebDAV is not meant for backup (at least not yet) & is only meant for syncing between multiple machines.
  • Stan, Would you mind telling us what your final preference settings were that worked for you. I am still in the dark. I've matched every recommendation in this thread. Occasionally, after "verifying server" I get a "username or password were not correct - change settings or contact your administrator"; after another attempt (same URL), it reverts back to saying " not a valid WebDAV URL". It is more temperamental than my girlfriend! Is there any official support from Zotero on this feature... which doesn't appear to consistently work, if at all?

  • OK I will try - teh guys at MAC helped me

    Protocol is WebDAV
    username - my username
    Password - my mobile me password

    But what gets loaded up looks funny and I doubt that I can use it - but it is there

    FYI I find sync not working since 2.05 so I will see what can be done with that too
  • But what gets loaded up looks funny and I doubt that I can use it - but it is there
    What do you mean by this?
  • I get 30 or 40 files ending in .prop or zip and I would not be able to pull them together in any order if I needed to
  • Yes realised that from others' comments. I will wait for further developments both from Zotero and from Apple's mobile me service - ultimately it will provide the useful backup - some upgrade in the future!
  • As a coda, I had to manually create the /zotero folder in /Public before this would work - but now it does, really well.

  • I am having exactly the same problem. I have tried every solution posted here but I am still getting a not a valid WebDav message
  • I got it to work using:

    The .mac has changed to .me
  • I too am having problems syncing files using:
    I keep getting the error message: the server could not be reached
    Could anyone give me some insight as to what the problem could be so that I can have Zotero, which I love using, ready to go for the coming school year.
  • FYI, there will soon be a powerful new storage option designed specifically for Zotero users and groups.
  • Aha that is interesting as I desperately work through my options for a cloud based back up of my music, photos and personal documents. Any hints?
  • yes, very interesting, any more details?
  • It doesn't appear that the "zotero" folder needs to be placed in the "Public" folder. I have mine at the same level as Public, Software, Sites, etc. What you do have to do in order for Zotero to recongize this as a valid webdav address is to have created a file named "zotero" on iDisk before you attempt to sync.
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