DOIs from PsycINFO (Ebsco)

From a librarian listserv:

The other day when I was working with a classroom of Psych students to use
PsychINFO and Zotero, we noticed that DOIs are not being included in the
bibliographies we created. I'm wondering if other citation management tools
have a similar problem, but I don't have access to Refworks, EndNote, etc. Has
anyone else run into this problem?

In Zotero it appears that the DOI fields are not populated in the record
because EBSCO's PsychINFO is adding a prefix to the DOI to create a link, like When asked, EBSCO said they are
"following the guidelines given by CrossRef. You can have a look at the
following link for more information:"

So, before I pursue this further, can others test this issue to answer my
question: are other citation management tools having an issue, or is it only

It's my understanding that Zotero should have no trouble with the http:// prefix on the URLs. I've tested the same journal article indexed in separate EBSCO databases (PsycInfo, Academic Search Complete), and ASC DOIs work fine. Neither database's RIS file imports a DOI.

What does EBSCO need to change on their end for DOIs to get pulled in consistently?
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