German Translation of field programmingLanguage/Programmiersprache

The field programmingLanguage for computerPrograms is translated to "Sprache" (=language) in German and not "Programmiersprache". Should this be changed?
  • That's not German specific:
    It's language in English - so we may not even have separate strings, Programming language/Programmiersprache may just be too long GUI wise.

    It _is_ confusing, though:
    a) because it looks exactly like other language fields, but behaves differently since it's mapped to CSL genre (and e.g. this means that isn't doable for computer programs)

    b) if you're, say, looking at a game, you'd likely be inclined to add the language, not the programming language (which you'd likely not know).

    So not sure what exactly to do, but it goes beyond simply changing a translation string, unfortunately.
  • Ah, okay. It might be interesting to know why this is case. I doubt that length of the string is a problem, because we have also e.g. "Öffentliche Gesetzesnummer" which is longer.
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