multiple files being imported, renamed & attached

recently when I have been using Zotero (& I use Zotfile) to add citations and files, when I dowload the file I want to add, I have it set up so it looks at my "downloads" folder and asks if I want to import that most recently downloaded file and rename it from the reference metadata.

I click on the popup that asks if I want to import that file, and nothing seems to happen. Then the cursor into the rainbow beachball, and then TWO files are imported - the one I wanted and the next PDF in that folder - both renamed from the metadata.
(I think there might be a second popup that says zotfile is doing something?)

How can I get it to stop doing this? also, how do I un-attach the second file (I can rename it, but I want to move it to its own reference in Zotero, and I can't figure out how to do that)?
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