Changing DOI Resolver

It would be very useful to have the ability to change the address used by Zotero for resolving DOIs (if only in about:config); for example, I would like to be able to change it to run through my university's EZProxy server.
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    Are you using Zotero in Firefox? Might be able to do it by adding to the proxied URL list. (Edit: via Preferences -> Proxies)

    Could you be more specific about what your trying to accomplish?
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    No, I'm using Zotero Standalone. I'd like Zotero to use "" rather than "" when clicking on a link to a DOI within a citation. Not, obviously, much more than a nicety.
  • I assume this is so that the page you are redirected to gets proxied?

    And by "when clicking on a link to a DOI within a citation" you are referring to the DOI field on the right hand side in Zotero, right?
  • Exactly, yes.
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