Journal series omitted in JSTOR import

JSTOR appears to include a journal series in the T3 field within their RIS files (see or for examples). Would it be possible to import these into the Series field in Zotero? (See earlier discussion on the best place to put this information.)
  • @aurimas - do you see any reason not to add this to the RIS translator directly? Specifically, add journalArticle to l. 218:
  • or should it be Series Title? Series is meant to be numeric, no? T3 seems like a title.
  • I don't know, the three categories have never made sense to me and Series and Series Title both map to collection-title
  • ok. I'll go with your initial suggestion then.
  • This should be fixed now. Update via Preferences -> General -> Update Now
  • As JSTOR is using it, T3 should go in the "Series" field. The intended use of "Series Title" and "Series Text" is to describe named sections within an issue, at least as Dan described it a long time ago. The use of the word "series" in both is terribly confusing.
  • You're not trying to say that the current implementation is incorrect, are you?
  • yup, I figured that out in the meantime (and to make things worse, not even Zotero's use of "series title" is consistent - map shouldn't have a series title field, but a series field instead, for example). Anyway, we implemented this correctly - mapping to series - in the RIS back in March (mostly by luck).
  • That's excellent. Thanks for taking care of it!
  • Thanks adamsmith. It took me a while to figure out what was going on with these fields, so I try to make sure others don't have to spend the time being confused, too.
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