Adding citations in word without parentheses

  • Still:

    Author (Date) citations are part of CSL 1.1 which will be Incorporated into Zotero in a future version
  • @bwiernik thanks for replying! I think I read somewhere on the forums that it would be implemented in CSL 1.0.2 so I thought I'd ask. Is there any timeline regarding when CSL 1.1 is expected to be incorporated into Zotero?
  • Just adding my comment here in case this feature ever gets implemented because I would love to know if/when it does!
  • Just migrating to Zotero and starting to go through the pain of replacing Mendeley Cite references and ran into this as well.

    I've been specifically asked to change my in-text citations to the Author (date) format and it is likewise extremely common in my field. I appreciate the flexibility offered by "omit author" but typing out author names, especially with multiple authors, is an extremely tedious exercise.

    This format has been possible in other reference managers, it would be great to have that added ability.
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    If you're willing to stylistically adapt your prose to always fit this format, I modified the APA 7 style to accomplish a workaround. It of course means that you could end up with double parentheses and so on with multiple citations. I have not tested thoroughly either so use with caution:

    <citation et-al-min="3" et-al-use-first="1" disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" disambiguate-add-names="true" disambiguate-add-givenname="true" collapse="year" givenname-disambiguation-rule="primary-name-with-initials">
    <key macro="author-bib" names-min="3" names-use-first="1"/>
    <key macro="date-sort-group"/>
    <key macro="date-sort-date" sort="ascending"/>
    <key variable="status"/>
    <layout delimiter="; ">
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <text macro="author-intext"/>
    <group delimiter=", " suffix=")" prefix="(">
    <text macro="date-intext" />
    <text macro="citation-locator"/>
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    Just following up on this thread. I really appreciate the "Omit Author" checkbox, and in the course of normal writing, that's what I use. However, especially in more-complex names and the like, the ability to choose -- through a second checkbox -- "Author Name Outside Brackets" would indeed be helpful.

    In the meantime, for others who were wishing for copy/paste, it is possible to insert the citation into your text in regular fashion, copy the author name from the inserted citation, then click again on "Add/Edit Citation" and select the "Omit Author" box, and reinsert. Then just paste your copied author name in front of the year-only citation.

    This won't help if changing citation styles, of course. It also doesn't help if the author name changes (for example, if a later citation necessitates first initials). But in APA 7 style it does do the basic job.
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    Landed on this thread when looking specifically for this function (second checkbox) to take the author name out of the parentheses.

    The APA7 modification is welcomed but I for one, cannot benefit from it, as I employ this recourse to lighten the lecture and not as a systematic procedure.

    Looking forward for this CSL update before I finish correcting a couple of hundreds citations!
    Update: just noticed this issue needs a developer to code it since 2017 !!! (six years ago)
  • I'd also like to express my sincere wish for the discussed "Author (year)" function. I also just switched from Citavi and would definitely use this feature a lot!
  • Adding my voice to allow Zotero to cite without parentheses (I use APA 7th), e.g., following the work of X (2003), Y (1998), and Z (2022).
  • in 2023, a new version 7, looks like lacking of citation author (year). Hope zotero 7 can add that function. I have to use endnote for adding citation after transferring all references to zotero. that is ironic.
  • Just adding another voice here to keep this request actively going. I would like to make in-text citations without parenthesis and would appreciate being able to do so without either a) doing it by hand without Zotero, or b) losing the ability to update the citation if deleting the parenthesis by hand after generating the standard, parenthesis including Zotero citation.

    any update @fbennett?
  • This is a high priority task for us but it is technically challenging due to a variety of edge-cases arising from such a feature that may cause user confusion. We are working to bring additional improvements to the Zotero citing experience before putting out this feature.
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