tab to list collections containing instances of an item

There is a problem of being unable to identify which collection (out of a hundred or more) improperly contains an accidentally misfiled item--see... this is a formal request to implement one contributor's suggested solution, that of a tab that lists all collections in which the item currently resides. The current keyboard method ( gets me there but clumsily, as a long list of collections does not fit in the window (see complaints by others in , which I second).

Such a tab would obviously serve other purposes as well, such as being able to see at a glance whether you've placed the item in all the appropriate collections, or whether you have yet to do so (avoiding duplicate items in a collection if you already did).
  • I have been waiting for this feature for a long time.. A tab that will list the collections containing an item can be very handy.
  • What's more, It would be very nice to have a hierarchical collection structure in one of the items tab. And assigning item to collections with checkboxes...
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