Metapress importing book sections as journal articles

I'm finding that Zotero consistently imports chapters of books in Brepols Metapress as journal articles (example). Is this a problem with the site, or is there some chance of fixing this?
  • Fixed. You can update your translator via Preferences -> General -> Update Now (and refresh the page).

    Let us know if there are other items importing incorrectly (or displaying incorrect icon in the URL bar).
  • Thanks for the quick response! It is now importing it with the correct item type, though it still isn't taking the correct information from the page (using book title as article title, series title as book title, leaving out the editors and publisher). Certainly an improvement, nonetheless.
  • ugh... I should have checked that more closely. Zotero grabs the metadata from their RIS export (RIS link in the right column), which is actually quite incorrect. I'll see if we can fix it for them.
  • That is unfortunate. I can always write if you want someone to pressure them to fix it on their end.
  • it would be much better to fix it at their end. While we could get the data from the page, Metapress pages have very different layouts, so anything we implement locally would have to be restricted to brepols
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