Inconsistent order for "ed. and trans." in Chicago

I have a book that is both edited and translated by the same person. I would expect "ed. and trans." to appear in the order specified in Zotero, given that this varies from book to book (and it can be seen that Chicago expects this, from comparing the citations given in §14.88 and §14.215). This does not seem to be happening, however. Currently, Chicago author-date is giving me "Edited & translated", while the other Chicago options are giving me "Translated and edited". I would like to have the editing role listed first.

If there is no possibility of changing the order based on the Zotero entry and it must be fixed between one of the options, it would be better to standardize on "ed. and trans.", as this is much more common. Would someone mind looking into this?
  • Zotero/CSL can't change this depending on the order, no.
    I agree that going with ed. and trans. makes more sense - and that's actually the Zotero default. This was specifically coded into CMoS as trans & ed., likely because the most visible examples in 14.88 makes it look like that's the norm, but you're right that that's just a coincidence as 14.215 shows.
    Might take some time until I get to fixing this, though.
  • That's excellent. Thanks for the quick response!
  • Was quicker than I thought.
    The style is now fixed. The updated version will appear on the repository within 30mins (check the timestamp). Update your copy of the style by re-installing it from the repository. (See here if you need instructions for installing styles in standalone.)

    Styles should also update automatically within 24hs for Zotero 4.0+
    In an existing document, you may have to switch to a different style and back for the changes to take effect once the style is updated.
    Any further problems please let us know.
  • Thanks for taking care of that! The only problem I'm seeing now is that it's printing "ed. & trans." rather than "ed. and trans.", which I assume is the Zotero default. The author-date style was already doing this, and I don't see anything in the manual that seems to specify this, so it would be great if you could fix that one as well. (I think that I could do it myself, actually, if you don't have the time.)
  • done, same update instructions as above. Also fixed this in author-date.
  • That's done it. Many thanks!
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