Please update the tinyMCE editor to current version 4.0


it is great that we can use the integrated tinyMCE editor in Zotero to write our notes but the version used by Zotero is very outdated. I just checked and it is version 2.1. The current tinymce version is 4.0.2. There have been many new features and bug fixes between version 2.1 and 4 and Zotero could really benefit from some of the features.


Edit: I was wrong, Zotero uses version 3.5.7 but it would still be great to see an update to 4.
  • Yes, it's 3.5.7.

    I have no objection to upgrading to 4.0 code (though I'm curious what new features and bug fixes you're interested in specifically), but the new UI in 4.0 seems bizarrely ugly to me, with white drop shadows that—to my eyes, at least—make all the buttons look blurry.

    The monochrome theme would also be at odds with our current UI. The merits of a monochrome UI are an issue for another thread—I'm somewhat skeptical for an application like Zotero—but I don't think it makes sense to change TinyMCE's UI until Zotero's changes as well.
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    @Dan, apparently tinyMCE has themes:

    The one above relies on CSS changes, so I assume you might be able to customize the UI to your liking.
    (that would take care of the drop-shadows, but not the icon design)
  • There's no reason it couldn't be made to use the 3.x UI, but it'd likely take some work. If someone wants to submit a pull request for that, I'll review it, but I'm unlikely to work on that myself anytime soon (barring some very compelling reason to upgrade to 4.0).

    (Getting TinyMCE 3.x to work in Zotero also requires some TinyMCE code changes, so upgrading the code may not be entirely straightforward either.)
  • I am not sure whether this is related but I would find it extremely useful if these two things would work with notes:

    1) Copy and paste 'zotero://' links. I crete them with zotfile now and I think it's a very useful feature. But they are very limited. The user can't copy and paste them in zotero notes. 'http://' links work but 'zotero://' don't. I tried that in TinyMCE 4 without a problem. But maybe this is actually related to zotero and not TinyMCE.

    2) Links only work from generated reports and not directly from the note window, which is a known limitation: But again, this is probably not related to TinyMCE.
  • [Dan: is there any plan to add the search&replace plugin?
    Asked before actually :) ]
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