Note hyperlinks in Standalone

If I hyperlink some text in a note in Zot. Standalone, that text displays fine (all blue and underlined etc.), but I can't seem to click through it (with either a left click or a ctrl+click, nor is there any 'go to url' option in the context menu). Is it just me?
  • The target dropdown in the hyperlink insert dialogue also seems a bit unsequitured (for the Standalone).
  • that's known but there is no immediate solution (it's part of the third party code for the rich text note editor Zotero uses). FWIW, links in notes do work in reports:
  • This issue has been hanging for quite a few years now. It would seem easy to fix: almost every program around has clickable hyperlinks. Can this be elevated a bit ont he priority list? It would make a lot of things easier.
  • Agreed. This feature is much needed. I use links to connect all sorts of relationships, web based and otherwise. Please fix this soon!
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