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Is there presently any way a user that only use Zotero via the website can grab an item from the web (i.e., a journal abstract page) and get it stored into a *group library* as opposed to their own library?

I thought an easy workaround was to just grab the item using the bookmarklet ( and then copy the item from the personal library to the group library. But I cannot find any way to copy an item from one library to another when using the website (i.e., equivalent to drag+drop between libraries in Firefox / Standalone). Is anyone aware of a way to do this using the website?

  • Not possible at the moment.
  • Ok, thanks.

    Does it make sense to post this in the wishlist forum? It seems fairly basic functionality to copy a reference between libraries?

    If anyone has any type of workaround for a user to get a reference into a shared library without installing Zotero, I am interested (other than creating a new item and copy the contents row-per-row.)
  • Does it make sense to post this in the wishlist forum?
    Not necessary.
  • So how do I then save items in a group library opposed to my own library?
  • That's not possible without Zotero (either for Firefox or Standalone) installed.

    With either of those installed, items are imported in the currently selected collection, including if that's in a group library. You can also drag&drop items from your library to a group and vice versa.
  • How do you place a journal article from my library to my group library? It doesn't allow me to just drag my files to the group library...
  • Yes, you just drag.
  • I tried but it doesn't work for some reason. Do your just drag the pdf to the group library in the Zotero on the mac?
  • Ok, I got it. Thanks!
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    When the folders appeared under my group library, then I could drag the items in there.
  • Do you mean that you had to add a collection to your group library before you could drag the PDF? I just tested this on my end and I was able to drag a PDF into an empty group library by dragging the PDF onto the group library entry in the left pane (collection tree).
  • bumping. is there a way to move files on the web version of Zotero, yet? the SSL certificate is blocked at my work, but I'm trying to get some of my files from my library to my group's library via the web interface.
  • nothing new, sorry.
  • This limitation is debilitating for the growing number of iPad/tablet only academics, since there is no native client, nor any third-party client that supports this.
  • Hi, I suspect there may be no solution, but I think my question fits in this thread.

    My situation is that I have created a Zotero account and library for collaborative use for a network of like-minded scholars. I don't intend for this library to be part of my own pre-existing Zotero database. I just want it to sit online to act as a resource for others in the same field.

    I access this via a Chrome profile that is different than my normal one.

    I would like to be able to add items to it, but when I use the icon in the browser bar, it downloads the data to my standalone Zotero rather than into the (to be) shared online library.

    I can create the entry manually, but that is less convenient.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  • You can set up multiple profiles in your Zotero desktop app that each have their own database. When you want to add to the group, switch to that profile:
  • Thanks I will try that out, but will back up first just in case.
  • Hi, is there any way to set up multiple profiles without using cygwin (as is implied in the instructions)?

    If I do have to use cygwin, is there any guide as to what package I need to use for Zotero. When I try to install cygwin I get many packages as options and I don't know which one to use.

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    You don't need Cygwin. That's only necessary for debug output (which is too slow with native Windows console windows). For this you just need to start zotero.exe and pass -P, which you can do with the Run dialog.
  • (I've updated the instructions to clarify that.)
  • Thanks Dan, I have managed to create a new profile and I can also use the RUN >
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\zotero.exe -P [NEWPROFILENAME] to tell Windows to open that profile.

    But when I open it, all the content of my other profile is there. I think I am missing something about the process.

    Just to check - once I have sorted out the two profiles, can I do the following?:

    1. Open NewProfile first
    2. Open Chrome Profile
    3. Add new items that will populate the new profile only
    4. Sync with library to have them appear online

    Thanks for any help and advice.
  • But when I open it, all the content of my other profile is there. I think I am missing something about the process.
    See the bottom half of the linked instructions, which explains this.
  • Using multiple profiles (windows, zotero 5 standalone), I believe the library in my original/primary profile could be sync'ed with Zotero web while new 2nd, 3rd ... etc 'additional' profiles could be kept local only. Is it possible to export selected references from a Zotero library (e.g. in 2nd profile) to RDF for import into my primary library?
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