Note taking shortcut regression?

See for original issues.

Issue 1:
While alt-ctrl O does in fact create a new note, on occasion it opens the new note with a ó, which I then need to delete.

If the focus is on the parent item, the note is usually created correctly.

If the focus is on a child note, the ó is usually (but, alas, not always) created. I can't reproduce the inconsistency.

Issue 2:

Shift-tab still _usually_ backs me out of the note to the center pane, bu does not take me out of the note in _tab mode_. I'm not sure if that ever worked or not. I seldom use tab mode.

Z 4.0.8
FF 20.0.1 (just updated to 21.0...still no joy)

EDIT: All extensions disabled
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