improve new note shortcut

The new note short works as expected, except where I need it most: Multiple notes on 1 reference.

When I finish one note, I want to be able to immediately begin a new child note on the same item without having to grab the mouse, and right clicking the item, or the new note icon or otherwise changing the focus so that the shortcut works, because the new note shortcut only works when the focus is not in the note window. (Or am I missing something?)

When I'm finished with one note, and want to start a new one with the short cut, I get "รณ" instead of a new note.

Can anything be done for this? It's not a super big deal, but it is quite distracting and time wasting when I'm making a lot of new notes on one item.

I searched for a discussion of this, but couldn't find it. I suspect it has to do with Tiny MCE, but thought I'd ask.
  • You're not missing anything. I don't think there's currently any way to break out of TinyMCE via the keyboard, but there should be (both for general usability and also for accessibility).

    We can probably make Shift-Tab return focus to the items pane (and fix Tab from the items pane to focus the note). I've created a ticket for this. Thanks.
  • That would be great!

  • Simon reports that pressing Shift-Tab times takes him back to the items list, though I can't reproduce that. But you can give it a try in the interim.
  • "pressing Shift-Tab times" there a specific number of times?

    It doesn't work for me, even with multiple "times".
  • Sorry, three.
  • I cannot reproduce that, either.

    Win 7
    ZSA 3.0.8

    I also tried Z in FF 14.0.1. That didn't work either.
  • Tab and Shift-Tab will go in and out of the note in 3.0.9.
  • Sweet! Can't wait.
  • I just discovered that ctrl-tab will take me out of a note (to the selector triangle of the quick search box), and that ctrl/alt-o will give me a new note!

    ZSA 3.0.8
  • Yay for 2.0.10!!! Well done!

    Shift-tab works!
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