Zotfile 3.0 beta

Here is a beta version for zotfile 3.0. The main new features are improved extraction of annotation, goto to annotation in pdf with a single click, better support of colored tags and some other features. The changelog is here.

This is a test version so you should back up your data before installing the plugin. Please report all bugs (with reproducible steps and error message) here and not in the main zotfile thread.

You can download the 3.0 beta here.

Improved extraction of annotation
The extraction of pdf annotations using pdf.js works much better now! The new version supports more pdf standards, detects spaces more precisely, sorts annotations in the correct order, and future updates to new versions of pdf.js are relatively easy. There are still pdfs that won’t work though! Some pdf standards are not yet supported and if you can not copy & paste text from the pdf file using your pdf viewer (e.g. Preview), it’s unlikely that zotfile can help.

Goto to annotation in pdf
The extracted annotations now include a link that opens the pdf file on the corresponding page. Currently, this only works works from reports (right-click on item and select `generate report`) but future version of Zotero might be able to open the links directly from the note (see discussion here and here).

WINDOWS: Goto to annotation in pdf
The windows implementation is untested and most likely won't work! I don't have a windows pc so that I need to work with someone who can test it and probably run some code. Let me know if you are up for that.
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