Unable to sync attachments on one computer

Hi, after the upgrade to Zotero 4.0, I'm experincing problems syncing attachments on my computer.

I tried everything here: http://www.zotero.org/support/kb/files_not_syncing

Debug ID: D394958755
Browser: Firefox
Computer: Win XP

Hope someone can help me. :D
  • Are you finding files that haven't synced, or are you just getting an error? There's an error here that we need to fix, but I'm not sure it would result in any problems—it may just preventing your Zotero File Storage files from being purged properly now that you've switched to WebDAV.
  • Well, actually, if you're having problems downloading files on this computer, that may be due to a separate problem downloading the "lastsync" file on your WebDAV server. Does your server pass verification in the Sync pane of the preferences?
  • Hi, the problem is that attachements are on the webdav server but this computer is not downloadinng those attachments. Hence the error "The attached file cannot be found".

    I'm not sure if the server pass verification in the sync panc. I did click "verify server" and everything was fine.
  • Hi sorry for the double post but are there any workable solutions to this?

    I noticed I'm not alone in experiencing syncing errors for webdav since Zotero 4.

    I work with 3 computers for my PhD and this could potentially be quite disruptive to the process. Solutions would be greatly appreciated! :D
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