No URL bar icons when accessing journals via library databases

Zotero citation save icons have disappeared from journals accessed via my university library (Concordia University, Montreal). This is at least the case for Jstor, Incongenta, and Academic Search. It has worked fine in the past and I'm not sure exactly when the problem started – sometime in the last month, probably.

So, for instance, if I login to my library account and lookup an artice in the journal October, choosing Jstor, there is no article icon to download the citation into my Zotero library. However, if I go directly to, the article icon appears – so it is not a problem with the translator or my Zotero, etc.


Here is an article in October via the Jstor website:

Article citation icon appears in my address bar.

But when I access the same article via my library:

No icon appears in my address bar.

I am on a Mac, running OS 10.8.2, using Firefox 18.0.1, running Zotero 3.0.11 via the FF plugin. My Zotero translators are up to date.

I've written to the tech people at my library but thought I'd post here in case this problem has been encountered before and anyone can suggest likely culprits.

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