DSpace Sites, RDF and RDFa Translators


I'm evaluating how Zotero interacts with our DSpace Sites... We are currently working on a new DSpace@MIT site


for the original DSpace@MIT site here:

Our product manager noticed that Zotero works with the old site on Items... see:

But that is does not work with the new site, I suspect this is because of a change in the html content of the page.

However, We've started publishing RDF links in our pages on this new site that point at an RDF version of the Item.


Is it possible for Zotero to detect and use this at all? Does Zotero support RDFa at all? I have another project to seed dspace Item/Search/Browse pages with RDFa and if such a case works in Zotero, irrespective of how the site is customized in HTML, the citation could always still be grabbed.

Mark Diggory
DSpace Developer and Systems Manager
MIT Libraries
  • Hey Mark,

    Zotero can certainly detect and use that data. If this version of DSpace is going to be implemented everywhere in place of the old version, in order to make sure it remains Zotero-compatible across implementations is that the path to the 'rdf.xml' file should remain consistently relative to the url of the general implementation.

    Michael Berkowitz
    Zotero programmer
  • Thanks,

    This is a pilot project ATM. Eventually I suspect we will support an number of approaches.

    1.) meta tags
    2.) links to RDF
    3.) embedded RDFa

    If this makes it into a future release of DSpace then those options may be available in other sites than our own.
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