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I've just added a podcast and there is no date field in Zotero, so it shows up as n.d. I've googled and found other people have had this issue, but it was apparently fixed in 2010! I've checked and Firefox has me on the most recent version of Zotero. Any ideas?
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    Ah, I guess you're referring to this.

    It wasn't actually fixed, but it will be fixed with the upcoming item types/fields overhaul, which will probably be out in a few months. (It didn't happen for Zotero 2.1, clearly.)
  • Yep that's the one! So I'm not mad then. Looks like this is long overdue. Thanks.
  • Just wondering if this is still in the pipeline? It is currently missing from Zotero Standalone 3.0.14 - would have considered using Audio Recording as an option, but the Harvard Referencing guidelines requires more detail for podcasts.

  • still in the pipeline, yes. Very likely will happen this year.
    On the CSL side, though, podcast and audio recording are treated the same - what types of differences are we talking?
  • Thanks for the prompt reply Adam. :) Glad to hear its due out sometime this year.

    To be fair, it's only a very minor difference and apologies in advance for any newbie-ness here: from what I can see on the Cite-them-right (Harvard section) guide, a podcast bibliography entry would normally be laid out like this:

    Broadcaster (year) 'Programme title' [Podcast]. Date of
    transmission. Available at: web address (accessed date).

    But Zotero outputs e.g.

    Cato Institute (2013) Taxes and Economic Growth: Understanding the Effects. [Online]. Available from: http://wpc.0873.edgecastcdn.net/000873/archive-2013/chba-02-15-13.mp3 [Accessed: 27 March 2013].

    I still need to find out more about the CSL side of things, but would it be possible to use the editor to change this for podcasts only, or would it have to be done manually for each entry before saving e.g. the Word document?

    Thanks again
  • I don't think we currently have a Cite Them Right Harvard style for Zotero. In general, the format you post is possible, yes. It depends on how they'd want other audio recordings cited, though.
  • In Zotero 4.0.8 (Firefox), Podcast items still lack a Date field -- really a more of a bug fix than a feature request.

    The first forum post on this issue is over 2.5 years old, and a fix was expected in Zotero 3.5.

    What's the status of this issue?
  • Zotero 4.2 is the target release for all field and item updates. Unfortunately turned out to be rather involved, hence the repeated delays.
  • Haha almost a decade later I google this and find my own question, and also that it STILL isn't fixed! But, I did figure I could add this by adding 'issued: 2015' to the extras field :-D
  • Hmm, yes. I'm just going through (and cleaning up for Zotero) my thousands of refs imported from EndNote and noticed that there is no Date field for podcast (I have around a half-dozen of these). I put Date: into the Extras field, but most styles leave off the month-day part. I'll try the Issued: trick with year-mon-day and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!
  • You need to label it as “Issued” in Extra and enter it in ISO format like this:
    Issued: 2021-04-30
  • Works a charm in styles that pay attention to month-date - eg IEEE, Chicago 17th Notes (but not author-date) etc.
  • This is just the data entry format—what date parts are shown in citations and bibliographies is controlled by the citation style
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