Repeatedly corrupted field codes


I'm trying to edit documents in Word 2008 with Zotero and increasingly I'm getting into trouble when I try to edit a footnote. Some times when I click in a footnote it isn't recognized as a zotero reference. Other times I try to edit it and get an error message,

I get the same message when I try to add a new footnote (rather than to edit an existing one):

"The Zotero field code corresponding to this citation, which tells Zotero which item in your library this citation represents, as been corrupted. Would you like to reselect the item?"

It's starting to happen with lots of my footnotes. What's going on and is there a way to fix it?
  • Do you have track changes turned on in the word processor? (And which word processor and plugin are you using?)
  • I'm using Microsoft Word 2008

    I might have had track changes on, does that cause problems?

    I'm using Zotero in Firefox (not standalone)
  • I run into the same problem. And I know that there was track change on. Means that, that track change and Zotero Items are not fitting together?
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