Smart Quotes and "ibid."

I'm using the Chicago styles in MS Word 2002, but I have smart quotes disabled. Consequently, it would be nice if Zotero would duplicate this formatting automatically and insert notes with straight quotes rather than smart quotes. When I manually edit a citation, remove the quotation marks and retype them, the quotation marks appear as straight quotes rather than smart quotes, but automation would be nice.

Similarly, when Chicago dictates that a footnote contain "ibid.", Zotero writes "Ibid." even when a prefix (for example, "E.g., " or "Cf. ") is present. I could be wrong, but I believe the first "i" in "Ibid." should appear in lower case when "ibid." does not begin a note. Again, this is something that can be handled manually, but automation would be helpful.

Thanks so much.
  • An alternative to automation could be some sort of feature where the user could set the style for the quotation marks - single, double, straight, curly... I know that there's some talk in defining this in the CSL, but it might be more straight forward to keep the CSL to 'quote=true' and allow the user to set the style.
  • I support this idea! I also prefer straight quotes and would like to option to set a preference for one or the other in Zotero.
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