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I am currently finishing up my master's thesis - a 140 page document with 500 footnotes. Zotero has worked brilliantly, and has made my work so much more streamlined. However, I have found a small kink when editing my bibliography manually.

I have 2 references (Journal articles) that I wish to add an URL for only in the bibliography. I am using the OSCOLA style, and the bibliography entry currently looks like this:
"Heijer, Maarten den, ‘Issues of Shared Responsibility Before the European Court of Human Rights’ [2012] ACIL Research Paper No 2012-04 (SHARES Series)."

I wish to make it look like this:
"Heijer, Maarten den, ‘Issues of Shared Responsibility Before the European Court of Human Rights’ [2012] ACIL Research Paper No 2012-04 (SHARES Series) <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1995498>; last accessed March 28,2012."

However, the angle brackets URL mandated by my style cannot be inserted through "edit bibliography". Zotero seems to strip < and >, including everything inbetween. Instead of "(SHARES Series) <http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1995498>; last accessed March 28,2012.", I am left with " last accessed March 28, 2012"

Is this a bug? Or is there a way to "escape" angle brackets so they show up in the bibliography? Or is there something wrong with my installation of Zotero?

PS: I know that it is possible to add the URL to a Zotero field as a workaround, but that means that the URL will show up in my footnotes, which I would rather avoid. I also know that I, as a workaround, may just edit the text of the bibliography directly in word. However, any edits made that way will disappear if I update a reference, entailing that I would have to make a note on a piece of paper to change this just before I export the document to PDF for printing - a bit cumbersome, but workable.
  • I don't quite understand how you're trying to add the URL. "Edit Bibliography" is for adding and removing items from the bibliography, not manually touching up items in the bibliography. That said, you could try using html mark-up - & lt; and & gt; (without the space) instead of the angle brackets. That might(!) work.

    The real way to go would be to have the URL in the URL field in Zotero and modify the style accordingly - that could include having the URL in the bibliography but not the footnotes.
  • Thanks for the tip! I see your point on "edit" bibliography, but there is an option for manually touching up individual items (the textbox bottom middle). One would therefore presume that inputing an URL in angle brackets would work - everything else can be edited at least.

    Your suggestion with & lt; and & gt; did not work, btw. Well, well, I'll just work outside the box and add the two URLs manually before exporting my work as a PDF for print :-)

    Thanks for the help!
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