Self-hosted sync option?

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I did a pretty thorough search on this and turned up nothing. So I suspect the answer may be 'no', but figured I'd ask just in case I missed something.

Does Zotero provide a self-hosted online syncing/storage option? This would be something I install on my own server, for the purpose of storing my library online, in the same one way can store their library on the Zotero site.

If this option does not exist, is there any plan for it?

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  • The answer is kind of.
    The code for the zotero server dataserver is online. But implementing it locally is completely unsupported by Zotero (though you can ask questions about it on the dev list - there are some people who have dones this and often questions are answered).
    Some basic (and potentially outdated) user generated instructions are here:
    As you can see it's rather involved.

    There are no plans to support this beyond publishing the source code, no.
  • @adamsmith the link is broken:
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  • Yes, they were removed because they hadn't been updated for too long. At the current time, the best bet is to look at the dataserver source code on github. Easier server installation (likely via a docker image) is generally planned.
  • I’m not sure the quality of these instructions or whether they still work, but they exist
  • Problem is that they are still for zotero 4
  • Sorry, didn’t look too closely, just saw that they had been updated recently.
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