Can't save item from ScienceDirect

  • upgrading to the dev XPI did fix the issue for me :)
  • For instance....sciencedirect feedservers are buggy atm. Their feeds are neither RSS compliant (use a validator to check) nor are they actually what they are. Subscribing to a physics journal gives you cancer research, i.e. Deleting news and refreshing the feed in an aggregator instantly reloads fifty new ones because the feed-server randomly changes IDs...

    No use at the moment, imho they need to fix a ton of their stuff what is exactly what they've answered me this morning. They know it and they're at it!
  • andybrandy - how is that relevant here?
    The translator works, that's what this thread is about. I'm sure there are plenty of reasons to rant about ScienceDirect (it's an Elsevier project!), but I doubt this is the right place.
  • It was just a guess,

    their email was pretty clear about them having issues at all kinds of places of their web-presence at the moment. I just thought it might be interesting to know. sry.
  • I am having this problem using the latest version of Zotero. Is there any way this can be fixed?
  • The issue in this thread was fixed more than 2 years ago. If you have an issue with sciencedirect import, run through these
    and if 1-11 don't help, post all the information requested in 12 to a new thread.
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