Insert citation in Word:mac 2011 not working with modified style

I just made some (mostly cosmetic) modifications to my style tah-gkw.csl. Now I cannot insert citations in Word:mac 2011 (OS X 10.7.2) anymore. The "Zotero Insert Citation" button brings up the dialog box for citations alright but pressing the "OK" button there after selecting a reference does nothing.

The old version of tah-gkw.csl, which is in the repository, is working fine - as is my other style called tah-soz.csl with similar modifications. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that tah-gkw.csl generates citations in notes wheres tah-soz.csl generates citations "in-text".

I uploaded the file in question to

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks and best,
  • Sorry about the link. It should be
  • you have made sure you have the most recent version of the plugin (3.1.9)? There were some issues with Notes/Footnotes in 3.1.7 and .8.

    More importantly, though, your style doesn't validate:
  • I had the most recent version of the plugin but the problem was indeed related to the fact that the style was not valid (thanks for pointing out the online validator). Now that the style is valid, inserting citations works. Thanks, Sebastian!
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