New field for article-journal - "genre"

I am not sure that adding a "genre" field is the best way to implement this gap. For some reason, the McGill guide requires case comments and notes to be specifically indicated as such. In certain cases, this makes sense, as when the "Note" appears under no title and corresponds to a single section of the journal. As an example, the McGill expects a note from the BYIL circa 1939 to be displayed as:

CW Jenks, "The Interpretation of International Labour Conventions by the International Labour Office", Note, (1939) 20 Brit YB Int'l L 132

It may be more appropriate to simply have a different Zotero/CSL type; obviously, I am somewhat agnostic about the specific choice, but as it stands, it is not clear how such information would be stored. I imagine that the currently available 'extra' field would be a poor way of doing this.
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