eg-alpha eurographics reference format?

Hey all,

I need to put a paper in the following format for a conference: [Lou90].

Each citation is supposed to have the first three letters of the author name and the year. You can see it described at the following link:

It's referred to as "eg-alpha.bst" using the term "eurographics". Does anyone know of a zotero format for this, or even one that looks fairly similar?

Thank you so much!
  • nope and it's not really possible atm:
  • The "citation-label" variable is in CSL 1.0, and the processor will generate text for it. At the moment, the auto-generated value is just the first word of the author family name (or its substitute value, if no author is present), followed by the year. If disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" is set on the style (and, I think, <text variable="year-suffix"/> is placed explicitly after the label), entries that generate identical labels will be distinguished by a year-suffix of "a", "b" etc. So your citations could look like: "Smith2009a" and "Smith2009b".

    This variable hasn't been available previously, and as far as I know it isn't yet used by any style in the repository. This would be a good time to adjust the output to make it useful in at least some common cases. Would you say that the "first three letters plus year" form is common in the alpha-bst family of styles? If so, let me know, and I'll make the variable do that by default.

    For building the style itself, you would be on your own, but CSL is pretty easy to work with -- much more straightforward than the bst stack language used by BibTeX.
  • In the version of citeproc-js that will feature in the next Zotero release, the CSL citation-label variable will render a trigraph suitable for such styles. Details are given on another related thread.
  • I would really like to use that style as well.
  • Has the situation changed now, or is it still not possible?
  • You can specify citation labels in Extra like this:

    citation-label: Lar88

    Automatic generation of labels with custom formats (as opposed to the one 4-character label style) is not currently possible. It’s tentatively planned for CSL 1.1.
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