Issues with Zotero (current version) and Word (2008 for Mac)

Having issues today with Zotero. I am trying to put in a citation, and Word freezes. After force quitting I open my doc back to find it's become a read only file (it wasn't before). Using FF and Word for Mac 2008 on Snowleopard. I did a Zotero update this morning and it was working, but this afternoon is just messing around. Any ideas? I've tried restarting firefox but to no avail.
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    Similar issue here. Running

    Firefox 4.0 and
    Mac OS X 10.6.7
    Word 2008
    Zotero 2.1.2.r8864
    MacWord Integration 3.1.1
    Zotero 2.1 Branch XPI (at recommendation of posting at link above)
    updated python extension today

    Citations were working fine until I updated to Zotero 2.1.2 r8864, and MacWord integration 3.1.1 and updated python extension. Was experiencing crashing as described in posting at the link above so downloaded Branch XPI. Now my word docs have been turned to read only and i receive the error:

    Zotero 2.1.2.r8864 requires Zotero MacWord Integration 3.1.2 or later. Please download the latest version of Zotero MacWord Integration from

    I also cannot insert citations. I've been unable to find the MacWord Integration 3.1.2
    Thank you for any suggestion.
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    allenpa, your issue is different. You are running the 2.1 branch build instead of the official release. You're running Firefox 4, so the official release should work fine, and is generally more stable than the branch builds. Unless you have a specific reason to be on the branch build, you should install Zotero 2.1.2 from If you want to be on the branch build, you need to install the MacWord Integration Trunk XPI.
  • I am having the same issue as Joby. I am running mac os x 10.5.8 so I downloaded firefox 3.6.16 and then downloaded the 2.1 Branch XPI and MacWord Integration Trunk XPI.

    This fixed the word freezing problem (using Mac word 2008) but now I am having an issue with the Zotero library where I can't add PDFs or retrieve metadata for the pdf without firefox crashing.

    Thank you for any suggestions for this.
  • Thanks Simon that seems to have got me going again. I had another issue later with citations not working, but I think maybe the internet connection dropped so I lost the link to Zotero. Hope that's all it was. Appreciate your speedy response.
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    Zotero 2.1.3 is now out. It should fix the hang for Firefox 3.6 users. Those who were on the branch should install Zotero 2.1.3 from and MacWord Integration 2.1.2 from the word processor plugin installation page.
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