Selected item in list needs to be more visible

I find it hard to see which item in a zotero window is selected if that window is not the currently active window. It is very easy to see which one is selected in the active window, but clicking the inactive window to make the item visible often results in a different item being selected. I'd like to see the highlighting of the selected item in an inactive window made a bit darker. I'm using Windows 7. Thanks.
  • I'm not sure I understand. Could you maybe make a screenshot, upload it to a free image hosting site and post the link here?
  • I have a screenshot, but I'm not sure what free image hosting site to use. Do you have a suggestion?
  • OK, here's the link: You can see the difference in the highlights in the left pane (the "active window") and the middle pane (the "inactive window"). You have to look straight at the screen to see the highlight in the middle window, and even then it doesn't particularly stand out.
  • that link is incomplete - full link will look something like this:
  • thanks - OK, I see what I mean.
    I actually don't think Zotero controls these directly - they look different for me, for example - I vaguely remember Dan mentioning how to change this some time in the past.
    Do you have any theme/persona enabled in Firefox? If so, start with that.
  • I just have the default Firefox theme, or at least I've never changed it to another. It's not really important enough for me to spend time on it. I was hoping it was an easy fix. Oh well.
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