French localization (csl 1.0)

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    I've updated csl 0.8 French locales.
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    Et coll. means "et collaborateurs". And a collaborateur isn't quite the same as just one more author, is it? Zotero has the specific role "collaborateur" in French (="contributor"). So logically "et coll." should apply when you cite just the main author and no specific assistants/secondary authors. Otherwise, rather than the long form of et-al (which is what "and others" boils down to), it should be considered a style-specific variant of et-al, and, as such, implemented only as an override in the style itself.

    (Moreover coll. is widespread as the abbreviation for "collection".)

    1er: I think if we listed all possible occurrences, the masc. singular would cover most, especially dates (1er janv.). Users will just have to edit the remaining cases. But 1e (premième? unième?) would be a freak in all cases.
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    @ Gracile:

    Missing the short term for note ("n.").

    Also "line", of course. Sill not sure whether to use vers/v. or ligne/l. Pros & cons:
    – Citations with lines are probably more frequent in verse (so: "v.").
    – On the other hand, since short forms are more commonly used than long, in French you could conveniently use "v." for both biblical and poetical citations, and have "l." for prose.

    The second option would suit my own needs fine, but let's hear other people about it.
    And anyway, anyone who disagrees with the final decision can have an override in their own style.
  • @Rintze: Updated. (short verb role forms + ordinals + misc.)

    (That would be great to be able to distinguish tome/volume and vers/verset in the future.)
  • Committed:

    So you would like to have two new locator types, "tome" and "verset"?
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