General and repeated failures inclusive of word integration accentuated with new mac word intgration

Today I cannot use much of Zotero's functionality and I am not capable of determining to which threads these problems belong - sorry. I know I will be criticised for this but sometimes non technical people cannot specify the problem sufficiently to pick the right threads.... In order of importance.

1.I cannot attach links to files - it causes the application to hang and hang firefox - I need a force quit. I think the error associated with this is No 1129470737

2. I struggle to modify authors names of items in my files. Every time I try it hangs the application and I need to restart firefox and the application - afterwhich it works for one article and then if I try to modify authors again, I need to force quit. SOmetimes if I leave it long enough (5-10 minutes) the application accepts changes to the author field but this is not practical

3. I updated the macword integration to 3.05 and every time I open up the application I am told that I need to close and reopen word to make the changes work. I have done this repeatedly but the error message still shows

4. Unrelated to the above three new problems, one that has been for a few weeks. If I search in EBSCO and get a list of articles, click on the icon in the firefox URL box to look at the list and download the citations I want - the application picks at random one or more from the list to download and I cannot pick the ones I wish
  • wow - that sounds pretty bad. Probably good you opened a separate thread with this (which, btw. especially for errors, is generally a better idea than to potentially hijacking an unrelated one anyway).

    Could you specify your OS, as well as your Zotero and Firefox versions?
    Also, how large is your library (how many items?)
    About 1.) Is that just links? Can you attach a stored copy of a file?
  • Many thanks for prompt and sympathetic response. Let me try to provide the right information to help you

    1. OS is OSX 10.6 latest version - I keep my Mac up to date automatically; fyi it is a MACBOOK with intel chip Nov 2008 model
    2. Firefox is 3.6.12
    3. Zotero is 2.09 and I assume I have the latest updated macword integration et al
    4. Library is about 800-900 references (is there a reference count function?)
    5. Links are to pdf files that I store on my harddrive. I have done this for years.
    6. I cant seem to copy my screen grab of the error that I get when I try to link a file but the copy is as follows

    Warning unresponsive script

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding......
    Script chrome://zotero.content/overlay.js:2717

    I hope this helps
  • OK - Dan or Simon will have to take a look at this.

    what do you click when the unresponsive script shows up? (you should click continue)

    as for 4) - yes: When you go to my library and then select all (cmd+a) in the center panel, your total number of items will be displayed on the right - but the precise number is not important - your library is relatively small, so that shouldn't be the issue.
  • Thanks

    When I press continue than normally the spinning wheel just goes on and on and I need to force quit Firefox.
  • Thanks also re the routine see number of entries (I have about 1200)
  • Things to try, in order:

    1) Restart your computer.

    2) Reinstall Firefox.

    3) Check your database integrity in the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences.

    4) Check your disk for errors in OS X's Disk Utility.

    5) Create a new Firefox profile, install Zotero into there, and link it to your existing Zotero data directory in the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • Thanks I did the easiest first which was to restart, check database integrity - fine and then repair permissions on Mac OSX and there were pages and pages of permissions to repair. That seems to have solved the problems 1-3 about linking files and editing records. I think this is a permissions problem

    So I will leave at is for now and come back to reinstalling Firefox and reloading the software for future needs.

  • Repeat of hanging firefox browser when editing files. This time linking a journal article to a PDF file. Editing the entry OK (sluggish). I have reinstalled my OS successfully to address an issue with flash - permissions continually corrupting. I cannot be sure if my problems are with my own computer or the Zotero application. Crashing the browser very time consuming because I need to login to my university, reopen databases etc...
  • And then it works when reopen. So intermittent problems not sure how to problem shoot.
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