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  • Still another hint to make iCloud work as a Webdav server.
    It happens that when I try to "Verify Server", an SSL error occurs.
    Entering then the webdav URL in the browser address bar itself as follows:
    is not enough.
    But with typing instead:
    "" (yes, "https", not "http")
    the browser gets the website certificate (even if an error still occurs).
    Then, "Verify Server" works.
  • I was having the same verify server problems in setting up Webdav syncing on with a Mac and @giannang's strategy above resolved it. Thanks!
  • Dear ajlyon,

    > SkyDrive may work if it supports WebDAV -- does it?

    No, at least not natively. But you could use a WebDAV gateway like SMEstorage ( that enables WebDAV access to non-WebDAV storage hosters. But see my post about that topic in
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