Institutional Zotero storage

(actually I have expected to find the answer in FAQs, or at least a discussion on the Forum).

I work at a research institution with some 200 researchers+students. I try to steer the colleagues from EndNote towards Zotero. Right now we have bought 5 GB storage for our group. The storage is bound to a person (me, in this case). This is OK for a small group with a few shared libraries. But the administration wouldn't accept some 30 persons paying each for their 5 GB (which then have to be reimbursed), and I wouldn't be able to persuade these 30 persons into managing their group storages.

What we need is some institutional storage (say, 50 or 100 GB) and some way to allocate quotas to individuals and groups. I think, it's a very common situation. Is it possible? Or is it a planned feature?
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