Turn off Search as you type

Could "Search as you type" be optional so that you can choose to not search as you type but rather when you press enter. It makes searchign VERY slow in my computer (3000+refs)
  • I second this request. I have 1100 records on a 900Mhz thinkpad, and I've given up using quicksearch since it's so awkward to type the search terms blind (blind because the computer can't keep up.) It was great when I had a few hundred records and nothing indexed for fulltext searching. I don't know if SQLite would allow such a thing, but one additional helpful option for quicksearch would be "don't include full text items." The power of fulltext pdf searching is great, but I use it less than I thought I might, I'd mostly rather use quicksearch for finding things in the top-level items themselves.
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    One easy workaround is to put everything in quotation marks, even if you're searching for one word--then Zotero will wait till you press enter. Another, a bit more cumbersome, is to type all the search words in a word processor, then copy and paste into the quick search window.
  • erazlogo: thanks for that. Starting all searches with a double quote (no need to finish it off) is quick and perfect... and perhaps documented somewhere that eluded me.
  • useful but I would prefer to be able to set this up in preferences. My Copenic Desktop Search is setup this way
  • Could the double-quote disables search-as-you-type option be added to the Word plug in too?
    I also second the request to have this as a preferences option in the main window.
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    I second komrade's request for the same thing in the Word plugin; and I third the request for disabling quicksearch as an option in the preferences. I find I never use it without " anymore.
  • I love Zotero. It has made my PhD thesis, which now has 1900 citations, a joy to manage.

    But the 'search as you type' in the word plug-in makes me curse, loudly, each time I inadvertently trigger it.
    My library of 4700 refs (with 3000+ PDFs) takes a good minute or three to search through, and I've usually lost my train of thought by the time it's done (clearly too much TV as a kid).

    So please, please, please, could the power-that-is:

    A) prevent the search box from having focus when the plug-in is launched
    B) allow search-as-you-type to be disabled (especially in the plug-in)
    or even
    C) allow disabling of search-attachment-contents in the word plug-in.

    This would save the embarrassment of my colleagues from the all-too-regular shouting of obscenities.
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