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When I view my library through the web-based Zotero interface (Home > People > {username} > Library), there doesn't seem to be any way to search it. It just lists four columns: Collections, Title, Creator, and Added. (The search box at the top right searches the Zotero website, not my collections.)

I assume I'm missing something obvious.

  • You are not missing anything. Searching through user and group libraries through the website has not yet been implemented. These features will come, I am not the best person to speculate on when the will, but it will come.
  • Real shame, the search option is the difference between me using a group and not using it.
  • correction. I am using the group now as i figured out the search functions on that. Giving people the ability to search the library without downloading zotero would be great though.
  • ah ... got it to work but then discovered people have to download everything in the library :( in order to search through it
  • Even for a small library (like 100 items), the web access is all but useless without search functionality.
    These features will come,
    Anybody knows, is there a ticket?
  • I second ben58's last comment.
  • Yes, would love to be able to search and filter using metadata and to reorganize between collections in the online library.
  • I definitely agree, a search function would make life much easier...I hope it comes soon!
  • I was so excited to have web and synced access to my library but now I rarely, basically never, use the online library because I have no way of searching/finding info efficiently in my own library. As a result, I just do internet searches for the articles I'm trying to recall when I'm away from my laptop.
  • I also would like to see an online group search ability. Thanks!
  • we're slowly getting there - a better web interface including search options, online editing etc. is being worked on. Everyone is aware that the current online display of libraries is mostly useless.
  • I also think that a online group search functionality would probe to be really useful.
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    I second everyone on that, it would be useful for public computers without zotero installed. Just seen the message from admins, thank you for your hard work in advance.
  • Any updates on where Zotero is in increasing web-based search functionality? I just created a substantial group library of about 1,000 records, but in its online version, it is only good for finding titles. Thanks.
  • It's much better than it was at the time of the last posts. You can search for title or author, sort by any number of columns and filter by tags and collections - that seems pretty useful already. I don't know if more advanced search options are planned.
  • Very useful. I missed the tags initially. It would be great to access abstracts, but the stand-alone version does provide that. Thanks for the reply.
  • Is there a way to search for untagged items using the web interface?
  • doesn't seem possible but you can do it on the desktop app
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