Word intergration with wine

  • Answer to Fort Thomas:
    - backup somewhere the .wine/drive_c/users/%user_name%/Application\ Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/Zotero.dotm (%user_name% is your user name)
    - copy Zotero.dotm somewhere where you can edit it (e.g. in you home directory)
    - open the copy from Word menu
    - go to view --> macro --> view macros
    - clic modify on any selected Zotero macro to edit
    - remove at line 146 & " -ZoteroIntegrationDocument """ & name$ & """"
    - replace at lines 162-165 Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
    by Zotero Standalone\zotero.exe
    - save the macro edition
    - replace the old Zotero.dotm with the new in .wine/drive_c/users/%user_name%/Application\ Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/

    Check starting word and zotero.exe.

    I haven't checked every functionality in detail, but insert citation and bibliograpĥy worked for me with xubuntu 16.04, wine 1.6.2, Word 2007 (under wine), Zotero Standalone (under wine)
  • Good morning everybody !

    I have installed with playonlinux firefox 49.0.1, the latest version of zotero addon in firefox : zotero, and finally zotero standalone.
    Then I paste the zotero.dot file (downloaded here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-FGaNOW8dnudEpuZDdnNnBVUmc/edit as seen previously) here : /.PlayOnLinux/.wineprefix/Office2010/drive_c/users/%user_name%/Application\ Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/

    Then I run firefox, zotero standalone and word 2010. And i have the toolbar zotero in word. Perfect !

    But when i clic on "insert a citation" in word. Nothing happen...

    Here the screen captures :


    I don't understand how i can do. I think i've done everything correct !

  • I followed fdeboiss' instruction. The resulted Zotero.dotm works with wine 2.0beta1, Word 2010 under Wine, and Zotero Standalone under Wine.

    I have created a GitHub repository, and uploaded Zotero.dotm there. For Zotero Standalone, see https://github.com/xianwenchen/zotero-word-for-wine-linux-integration/blob/master/standalone/
  • Hey everyone, 5 years since I commented on this post with Standalone during my thesis writing :)

    Anyone had luck with Zotero 5.0 and word integration? I somehow upgrade my database to 5.0.

    I installed office 2016 with crossover17beta and runs. I'll look around and hack a bit if I'm given some tips.
  • Hi. I have a problem with Z5 under Wine. I had it working fine previously, but attempting to upgrade to version 5 caused a crash and Zotero/Wine no longer works. I tried uninstalling & doing a fresh Z5 install, but this also crashed. I could probably start again and go back to version 4, but I was wondering if anyone had Z5 working OK under wine?
  • A couple data points :

    * Zotero 5 installs and works fine in Wine 2.0.3 as packaged in Debian. BTW, WinWord also does).

    * Out of the box, Word doesn't seem able to communicate with Zotero.

    * A cursory inspection of Zotero.dotm shows that the current code still tries to launch Firefox & al. as alternatives.

    Curiously, LibreOffice (Linux version) is perfectly able to communicate with Wine's installation of Zotero.

    The point seems to be that Word still "talks" to Zotero over stdin/stdout, whereas LibreOffice uses another method (socket ?)

    I'll try (not to soon...) to patch zotero.dotm to see if I can get Word to talk to Zotero.

    But couldn't we get a plugin allowing Word to talk to Linux's Zotero ? It should be possible (unless the method used for LibreOffice really can't be implemented with Word...).

  • LibreOffice communication on all platforms occurs via sockets, which is why it would work across the wine boundary. Zotero talks to Word via OLE automation and Word talks to Zotero using WM_COPYDATA messaging.

    There haven't been any major changes to the communication protocol from Zotero 4 to 5, so the same patch should work with the updated template.
  • I just tested that indeed, porting the same modifications to the current zotero.dotm as for the previous versions of Zotero does indeed work. I'll try to post a more precise guide later ((I'm a bit in a hurry now...).

    Since the Windows versin seems functional inder Wine and is able to communicate (I've checked communication with LibreOffice and Chrome/Chromium

    However, my previous suggestion still stands : if it is possible at all, using the same communication mechanism for Word and LiibreOffice would allow (occasional) users of Word under Wine to use their Linux installation.
  • The approach still works
    Spec: Ubuntu 18.04, Zotero 5.0.54 Standalone, Office 2010 Pro, Crossover 17.5.0
    PS: Install zotero and office in the same bottle (for cross over users)

    - backup somewhere the .cxoffice/%bottle%/drive_c/users/%user_name%/Application\ Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/Zotero.dotm (%bottle% is the name of the bottle created for you by crossover and %user_name% is your user name ... crossover uses crossover as default as of this writing)
    - copy Zotero.dotm somewhere where you can edit it (e.g. in you home directory)
    - open the copy from Word menu
    - go to view --> macro --> view macros
    - click modify on any selected Zotero macro to edit
    - remove the following & " -ZoteroIntegrationDocument """ & name$ & """"
    - replace the following substring
    Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
    - save the macro edition
    - replace the old Zotero.dotm with the new in .cxoffice/%bottle%/drive_c/users/%user_name%/Application\ Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP
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