How to keep items in group library and own library in sync?

I have the following use case in mind:
I create a group and share some items of my library. Then other group members supply some additional information to the shared items.

Now my question is:
How can I merge/synchronize these changes with my own library, where I still have the unmodified items? In fact, I cannot simply override the item, since they may e.g. have a local file link attached, which is not possible in group libraries.

Also, the sync problem can occur the other way around when I change items in my own library, which I copied to the group library before.
  • I would love to read some instructions on that problem - because I am dealing with the same problem.
    I have my library und group libraries. Within my libraries I have the same datasets in different sublibraries. From time to time I put datasets in the group where they get modified, updated etc.
    But unfortunately, the group library and my library do not sync the datasets.
    I would love to read how to solve this problem
  • There is currently no way to merge two items. At this point your best option for this kind of case is to pick which item you want and use that. Do keep in mind that you have access to the items in your group libraries in just the say ways you have access to items in your personal library. For the groups with items I actively use I just defer to the group items. For groups that I don't make that much use of, if an item were updated I just swap them out when I want to update one.

    This is not ideal, but the issue of control and merging items is complicated.

    One point: Attached files are now good to go for closed public and private groups.
  • Thanks for your response!
    Just one question: how do you "just defer to the group items"? Do you set a mark, a reference etc?
    I would like to hear your answer!
    Thank you for your efforts!
  • By defer to the group items, I mean that when I am working on a project I will cite them from the group library items instead of using the copies in my local library. In other cases I will actually delete my personal copy to make sure I am always using the group copy. You can cite and work with any of the group libraries through the Firefox extension just the same as you would with any items in your personal library.
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    On a slightly different but related note: I would like to have the option to link collections/subcollections in a group library to collections/subcollections in my personal library to the effect that they are automatically synced, that is that

    1) when items are added to the group library, they are automatically added to my personal library and linked to the relevant collections/subcollections, with an option to disallow deletion from personal library in the sync process.

    2) when I add items to the collections/subcollections, they are automatically added to the identically structured collection/subcollection tree in the group library.

    Is there any way to achieve this, or is such a feature planned for the future?

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S.: Just noticed this ( thread, which addresses a related issue, with a slightly different focus. I personally would prefer to maintain my personal library as a collection of all references I have worked with, independent of how the group library evolves. After all, it may disappear/be discontinued at some point.
  • Tjownes: "For groups that I don't make that much use of, if an item were updated I just swap them out when I want to update one."

    What do you mean exactly? Is it possible to delete an item from my library and then drag in the identical (but updated) item from a group? If so, please explain how to do that.

    I would love to figure this out, but ran into problems with this: Any suggestions are appreciated as I'm still trying to learn my way around Zotero. Thanks.
  • Never mind my last question to Tjowens. I think I figured out what I wanted to do. If I delete an entry from My Library and then empty the Trash; I am then able to drag the updated version of it into My Library from a group.
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