Group size and sync job queues to the server

I have a general question about how the server is queuing jobs. Our group started small, but jumped to 32 users this week (mostly in the US and Canada, at the moment). We are having our group users set to automatic sync. We noticed this week that sometimes our syncs go through quickly, and sometimes they take hours. It seems kind of random. We don't seem to be getting any errors; it's just that sometimes, the arrow spins forever. I'm wondering if this is related to the fact that we have multiple users who may have Zotero open at the same time (set to automatic syncing) - if multiple people in our group are trying to sync to the same copy of our group library on the server at the same time, could this cause delays? Is there a job queue process for this? We are planning on having ~100 users in our private group by the end of April.
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