Zotero 7: Reference detection makes citation links unclickable

I have many PDFs where a citation is a clickable link to the entry in the bibliography. With version 7.0.0-beta.83+066eda731 (64-bit), this citation is now highlighted in light blue, and the target appears nicely in the popup. However, the link is no longer clickable.
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    I think this is an improvement as the text or hyperlink (if applicable) in the popup is selectable or clickable. Rather than having to jump to the reference list to copy the corresponding literature.
  • I like the popup as well, but I don’t think it should prevent the link from being clicked on.
  • @warwickmm Could you explain your workflow when exactly that is still needed?
  • Sometimes I just need a quick way to jump to the bibliography. For example, when reading a sentence with a citation, I sometimes want to see what year some other related paper was written. Clicking the link jumps me to the bibliography in a way where I can use alt-left arrow to quickly go back to the page I was at.

    More simply, since the PDF has a link, it would be nice if it still worked as a link. I do really like the popup previews (I was one of the ones that requested it), but sometimes it's still nice to go to the linked destination.

    I'm hoping that we aren't considering removing the ability to click on other intra-PDF links like equations, figures, sections, etc.?
  • Another reason is that the automatic extraction can be wrong. If the original link from the PDF file is removed , I do not have any way to go to the real target of the link.
    For example, links to equations interpreted as references:


    Having both the popup and keeping the link active is working already for the figure hyperlinks, so the same for references would work for me:

  • I agree that the new popup feature is really fascinating but it would still be more convenient if the citation links could remain clickable. Here is another situation where this function is helpful: in some pdf files, the references are displayed as [1]-[5], but only [1] and [5] are detected successfully and get the popup. In this case the refs 2 to 5 would be invisible without jumping to the bib part.

    I think making the citation detector 100% accurate is technically difficult (or at least requires ongoing development effort), so keeping the links clickable is a safe option.

    Many thanks to the developing team for the new features!
  • Besides, some footnotes are recognized as reference link, which is wrong. The example is shown as follows. The "12" is recognized as the 12nd reference. But it's a footnote.


  • This seems fixed in 7.0.0-beta.85+c0c00a00e.
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