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The green arrow does not seem to move hence I assume there is no synch.Error message says something about sync already running but I cannot really decipher the message.
  • Now a restart of the computer seems to have set the arrow in motion, two minutes of spinning, a blue bar appears beside it that fills left to right, another few minutes of spin and now all seems right
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    Error report, syncronisation not working for three days. Endless loop on the green arrow until it times out
  • Still experiencing this
  • Lately syncs have been painfully slow during US daytime (especially 9-5 EST). You might try again in off-hours, for me syncs are instantaneous at night.
  • Thanks for that; that would not have crossed my mind when trouble shooting. I am London UK based so I should be fine in the AM. I found an entry that had duplicates, could not get that clean so just deleted it and an hour later the sync finally resolved itself. It is working again but as you say, sometimes very slowly.
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    Well, that depends on your definition of painfully slow. Maximum upload wait time has been under 40 minutes today, for example, and right now it's 6 minutes. Many small requests get processed within seconds.

    I suspect most people who think they're seeing multi-hour/day syncs just aren't noticing when one auto-sync stops and another starts.

    We're still planning to work to speed this up significantly in the near future.
  • Good point and not meaning to critique. As long as I know that it is working I am not that fussed if syncs are instant. I sync as a backup and so that I can use other computers occasionally so real time is not a major need for me. My sync operations normally take less than 30 seconds, and seemed to happen only upon opening the application. It may have always done period syncs but I probably had my attention on articles and writing so never noticed. So I just notice the longer time.
  • being able to see what is happening/ has happened/ will happen would go a long way to being able to let go of concerns over synchronization. If I can see that there is progress in my own queue, then I don't have to worry about stopping everything so as not to confuse things further (or risk losing track of something entered).
  • One possibility is to show the elapsed time of the current sync, which could help people see that things are in fact progressing (and be better able to see the very rare cases where there is actually a problem that needs to be fixed).

    Estimating completion time isn't out of the question, but it'd likely be a pretty rough estimate.
  • along the way I have caught a glimpse of a progress bar - which is similar. If the name of the current object could be displayed in it, then people could notice it changing.... my thoughts :)
  • The progress bar is just for file syncing, where we know the size of files (or at least a rough estimate of what the compressed size will be) and the current transfer speed. There's no equivalent for metadata syncing. The wait time is queue time, not processing time.
  • that would explain it :)
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