Zotero 7 beta: Accessibility of note editor

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  • Hi,
    I tried to use Zotero 6 and the Beta of 7 with the Scrrenreader NVDA an the magifier USA compared to Fusion from Freedom Scientrific. There are several differences. Can anybody please explain them and fix the accessibility problems with the Zotero Note Editor?
    In Zotero 6 NVDA can read out Text in the Zotero Note Editor. Fusion is not able to. In Zotero 7 beta it is the other way round: Fusion can read out text (but german Text is read out in English instead of German, probably because it is tagged as English). When trying to install the Gernan Language Pack of Mozilla the file cannot be accessed and installation fails.
    NVDA cannot read out any text in the Zotero Note Editor. You can only reach and activate the buttons for formating text. And you can markup Text by Control+A or type new text. Then, NVDA's feedback is that there is no text in the Zotero Note Editor.
    Thanks for explaining and fixing.
    Kindly. Bianca
  • (It's best to start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.)
  • @Bkronhardt1 Can you test if your mentioned screen readers can read text from Firefox browser (Zotero is based on Firefox)?
  • There are no problems to read text in Firefox. I use that browser regularly. In Zotero 6 eading text in the note editor was also easy with NVDA.
  • To add to this -- NVDA does read out note text when you hover over it with the mouse (though of course that's not a viable option for many screen reader users), but I can indeed not find any way to have it read out text based on cursor position or text selection (which it otherwise does fine in the Zotero interface). I'm just guessing here, but this might be the block structure of the note editor interfering with screen reader accessibility?
  • That is correct: by hovering over with mouse, NVDA reads the text. You cannot select parts of text then for coping oder editing them. For working with annotations there is the Word-AddIn as suitable workaround. For creaing new notes, I do not know any workaround for the Note Editor.
    So it works but it is not useful. That is a big worsening compared with Zotero 6. Is it poosible to copy the programming part from Zotero 6?
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