Zotero sync - Waiting for other operations to finish

edited February 29, 2024
We have managed to bloat our libraries to huge numbers - hundreds of thousands of citations across all our collection, some are 70K in one folder. This had seized up the use of Zotero across the team.
I am trying to delete citations from a folder, before deleting a group as the group deletion seems to time out for some reason, presumably because of the large size of the collection.
If I delete the contents in my desktop app then try to sync it never manages to start th sync, reporting 'Waiting for operations to finish'. The only way I have been able to get around this is to uninstall, then reinstall the desktop app. I then starts syncing, but after refilling with the large number of citations, then deleting them, it fails again.

I have seen this thread, (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/76525/zotero-sync-waiting-for-other-operations-to-finish) and it is definitely not waiting for any pop ups to close. I have tried hard reboots, and ending all Zotero background tasks and it makes no difference.
  • How long have you waited?

    If this is on Windows, you should make sure you're trying with the 64-bit version of the Zotero 7 beta, which can handle much larger libraries.
  • On this occasion hours, on others left it running overnight.
    I'll try the 64 bit version and tell you how it goes.
  • So, I installed the V7 beta. Started well in that it seemed to respond faster.
    Once I had deleted 20-30K citations from a folder, then went to the recycle bin and deleted them from there it went downhill. Going very slowly. When the progress bar completed and disappeared, it took 40 odd minutes to free up - I wasn't able to change folders from the recycle bin. I then clicked on another folder with many 10s of K citations which took half an hour to populate. When I returned to the empty folder to sync it in order to clear the group library on the web, I got this error 'Transaction timeout, most likely caused by unresolved pending work.' This is pretty much the same problem, albeit it took hours rather than days to get there.
  • You can remove items from the trash in batches. You may have better luck with that.
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