[Zotero 7 Beta] Enhanced "zotero://[...]" links

edited February 24, 2024
The "zotero://[...]" links are becoming really powerful with the Actions & Tags (to generate them easily) and the Better Notes plugins (for note links).

A few other things that I would like to do with them:

A) Open multiple items or collections from a single link:
A1) That would allow me to restore multiple tabs from the note of a project.
A2) Or make a virtual collection by selecting multiple items at once.
A3) Or open multiple notes at the same time.
A4) Show the content of multiple collections without the need to create a confusing virtual collection.

B) Add filtering options within the links: The filtering process can be quite time consuming, so the ability to save a restore a specific filtering state would be very nice.
B1) Link to an advanced search (without creating a saved search collection): The saved search collection is taking too much space.
I may need to do a specific advanced search only for a specific project, so I just need to save that search in a link accessible from the note of the project.
Or I would like to quickly filter the books or conferences published within a certain time range. This would take too much space as saved searches and not really be useful to put it there.
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B2) Link to a search of collections: This would allow me to quickly filter the collections that are relevant for a specific project.
B3) Link to one or multiple tags to filter My Library: This would allow me to quickly get back to the relevant articles when working on a project.
B4) Link to open a file in the Reader with advanced filtering options on the annotations to display: by colour, by type, by tag, by author, by date, ...

C) Add sorting options within the links: For example, I may need to sort a certain collection by Publisher field when searching some books. Or sort an advanced search result by Creator field. All this can be done manually, but the enhanced link would just give me the ability to save and restore that state more easily.

D) Change UI and display settings: This would allow me to switch quickly between different settings depending if I am using Zotero on a small laptop screen, a large high resolution external monitor, or a vertically oriented monitor. Or open a certain PDF file with specific zoom, split, page layout, ...
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