Linking to Zotero Tag Results and/or Search Results

I've recently (In the past few months) found a way to create links to Zotero entries in other documents using a plugin that allows you to create a Markdown Item URI so you can paste the link in a word doc or something and when you click it, it opens Zotero to that exact entry. Is there someway to do this with Tags or Search Results? I use Zotero for a lot of genealogy and instead of listing every singe source someone is mentioned in a document, I'd rather just put a link to that person's tag in Zotero so you can just click and see the sources. There are other examples where this would be useful, but it all would function the same way. I'd have a saved search or a tag, grab the link, and paste it into a different software so I can simply click and open it in Zotero.

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