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This thread has been helpful, but I'm still having issues in both Chrome and Firefox (both up-to-date and authenticated and relaunched). When I click Zotero > Add Citation from a Google Doc, Zotero pops up instead of the dialogue box. Any suggestions @dstillman? And, oddly, when I try to add a citation from Word, nothing opens.
  • (Please start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to isn't related. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    Make sure the citation dialog isn't just appearing behind your other windows. That's the most likely situation. The citation dialog window is part of the Zotero app. Restart Zotero if you're having trouble.

    It's also possible that you enabled the classic citation dialog from the Cite pane of the preferences and are mistaking that for the main Zotero window.
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    I thought my issue was related since I was having all the same issues reported in the other thread. But happy to see this in a new thread. Thank you for that.

    The citation dialogue is not appearing behind other windows. But I did have the classic dialog from Cite set as classic. I unchecked that and relaunched the Zotero app. However, I'm still seeing what appears to be the full Zotero app (vs a dialog box) in both Firefox and Chrome (latest versions). See screenshot attached.

    Any suggestions @stillman? Thanks again.
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    One more comment. I relaunched Firefox and Chrome and now I don't see anything when I click on "Add Citation": no dialogue box or what has appeared to be the Zotero app.
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    That screenshot didn't come through (we've hopefully fixed that for future posts), but can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero for reloading Google Docs, clicking Add/Edit Citation, and not getting the citation dialog?
  • (3)(+0000006): Integration: Request already in progress; not executing http addEditCitation
    Restart Zotero and try again. We'd need a Debug ID for the first attempt after restarting.
  • Okay, I just restarted Zotero and attempted the Add Citation in Google Docs. When asked to select the right email, I got the error associated with this debug ID: D565341664. I either have this issue or the one reported earlier where the citation dialog box does not open but Zotero does.
  • @amyharcourt Do you see a "Zotero experienced an error updating your document." dialog in the Google Docs editor? Do you see the same behavior on both Firefox and Chrome? Do you have other extensions installed in your browser that extend Google Docs? If so, could you test with all other extensions disabled?
  • Yes, I get this error message in Google Docs. I'm currently getting this error message in Chrome. In Firefox, when I try Add Citation, nothing happens: no error message or dialogue box. In Chrome, my extensions are: Google Docs Offline, Google Forms AutoFiller, Total Safety for Chrome and Zotero Connector. In Firefox, my only extension is Zotero Connector. I have been a long-time Chrome user and Zotero Connector has worked until just this past week. I downloaded Firefox and installed the extension hoping it would fix the issue. Sadly, it hasn't. @dstillman, what do you think?
  • Note that if you do not click through the dialog in Google Docs, by pressing one of the buttons (or you close the Google Docs tab completely), then attempting to use the Zotero integration with any other editor will result in nothing happening until you restart it and it is not a bug.

    Could you:

    1) Press Cmd-K in Google Docs to open the insert-link popup. Right-click on the popup and choose Inspect. Your browser developer console should open with a div selected. If you get a Google Docs context menu instead, you may need to find another spot on the page that shows you the browser context menu.

    2) Click on the highest div in the hierarchy that causes just that popup to be highlighted on the page.


    3) Right-click on that div and choose "Edit as HTML".

    4) Copy and paste the HTML and email it to us at support@zotero.org with a link to this thread.
  • You should try with Zotero Connector 5.0.117 for Firefox, after restarting Zotero and reloading Google Docs.
  • @dstillman, I just did everything indicated above and am still getting the "Zotero experienced an error updated your document" message. See screen shot attached.

  • Also, when I dowloaded the most recent version of Connector, I got 5.0.118. Not sure if that makes any difference.
  • Can you another provide a Debug ID from Zotero for reloading Google Docs, clicking Add/Edit Citation, and getting that error?
  • We have fixed a few issues in Google Docs integration since you've reported yours, but it seems like you are encountering something different from everyone else. Could you once again follow the instructions in my comment above https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/455881/#Comment_455881?

    When the developer tools opens after selecting "Inspect", a line will be highlighted. You should look through the lines above in that panel, and select the one that corresponds to the whole link insertion dialog in Google Docs being highlighted, like in my screenshot above. Then follow steps 3 and 4.
  • @adamasven, when I right click and select Inspect, I get the developer tools but there is no "whole link insertion dialog" visible so I don't know what line of code I should be looking for. Can you give me more detailed instructions or show/well me how to see the link in the Google Doc so I can match it to the line of code?
  • See my screenshot above. In the Elements panel at the bottom of the window you will see a bunch of lines starting with angle brackets "<". As you hover your mouse over them different elements in the page will be highlighted. You want to select the line that highlights the link insertion dialog from Google Docs (as in my screenshot), then follow steps 3 and 4.
  • Just emailed you the html. I *think* I used the right line of code, but I'm not entirely sure. See the attached screenshot. You'll see the line of code that was highlighted. I chose the line above it since it was the only one (I could find) that had "modelprompt).

    ee the
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    Right idea, but you sent the HTML for Zotero's error dialog, not the Google Docs link insertion dialog. You have to actually open that manually, as per the original instructions above. (We know the markup for our error dialog because we create that. The issue here is that Google changed the Google Docs link insertion dialog for some people, and the Zotero plugin relies on that dialog.)
  • Can you help me understand this? What is the Google Docs link insertion dialog? When I try to insert a citation from Google Docs (in the latest version of Firefox as instructed by dstillman), I get this error message. So I thought that's what you wanted.
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    See my edited post above.
  • Oh sorry, you ARE dstillman. I thought you were adomasven.
  • Can you explain how to open it manually? I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Thanks.
  • Adomas explained how in his original instructions above:
    1) Press Cmd-K in Google Docs to open the insert-link popup. Right-click on the popup and choose Inspect. Your browser developer console should open with a div selected. If you get a Google Docs context menu instead, you may need to find another spot on the page that shows you the browser context menu.
  • I am new to Zotero and this is a new problem for me. So step-by-step instructions would be very helpful.
  • Okay, I've got the html copied. Do you want me to email it or post here?
  • Email is easiest. There's a way to paste it here so that it shows up but it's a little more complicated.
  • I just emailed it to support. But, it asked if I would grant access to my Doc. I said no. Do I need to share the doc with you?
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