Bug in Nature HTML bib. creation


If you "Create bibliography from selected item...", select "Nature Journal", then "Save as HTML", the resulting bibliography will have '>' added to the url and link text, breaking the link.

Here's a test RIS file:

ID - 111
T1 - The Big Book of Methane, Part 1
A1 - Paine,Thomas
UR - http://www.springerlink.com/index/10.1007/111-1-111-11111-1

I would have trimmed the test file even more, but you get the idea. I tested it with another format other than Nature Journal, and didn't get the > added. I didn't try another type of entry besides 'book chapter'.

This is probably a typo in the Nature Journal format entry.

Thanks for a great program!
  • it's not really a mistake in the Nature style - the style requires the URL to be in < > - it would rather seem that Zotero shouldn't include the final > in the html link - Dan, any way to change that?
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