UI and Automatic Updates

Can the programme provide an option to preserve the previous UI? Perhaps I am used to the previous UI because I find the new one to be unsightly. Furthermore, I have disabled automatic updates; why does it automatically upgrade to the latest version?
  • You don't have automatic updates disabled (that's not a setting Zotero can or would override, so if you're auto updated it's not disabled) _and_ you're on the beta release channel (which you definitely don't want to be with automatic updates disabled _or_ if you don't care for unexpected change).

    And no, there's absolutely no way Zotero will keep maintaining the old UI (you can see if you like the compact version, which is closer to the old one, more to your liking; switch in the View menu under "Density")
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    auto.update.auto may actually no longer work on Windows — Mozilla seems to have removed that between Firefox 60 and 102, and it's possible that no one noticed in the Z7 beta until now. I'll be following up in a another thread.

    Otherwise, what adamsmith says.
  • We've fixed app.update.auto on Windows for the next beta.

    But @aqq12321, as adamsmith says, if you're going to disable automatic updates, you shouldn't be running the beta to begin with. You also won't receive any further support here.
  • However, the most recent beta version contains various issues when using certain plugins, and plugin authors may not always have enough time to adjust to the new version. Even though I disabled automatic updates, removing the most recent version and reinstalling the previous one became necessary once I turned on my computer every day.
  • If you rely on plugins for critical functionality, you should probably not be using the beta version.
  • Is it feasible to adjust the Bate 53 version to prevent automatic updates? The new UI is incompatible with the plugin in use, and the plugin's creator has given up on upgrading it.
  • How can I get the previous bate version of Zotero 7?
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    @aqq12321: We can't fix an update bug in an older version, by definition, no matter how many threads you open.

    Ask developers of plugins you use to update them for Zotero 7, which includes a redesigned UI. If they don't, stop using the plugins. You shouldn't rely on unmaintained plugins for your research, since there are all sorts of reasons they could stop working at any time.

    In any case, as I told you, you won't receive support for outdated versions of Zotero here. Since you seem to have no intention of using a supported version of Zotero, I'm closing this thread.
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