Zotero 7 Beta: Trojan on both computers after installing newest beta version

Kaspersky detected Trojan-PSWMSIL.Agent.anur on each of my laptops after I updated to the newest beta. It identifies the infected file as Zotero-7.0.0-beta.55+9151fb355_x64_setup.exe. As no one else has reported it, I don't know what might have made it happen on mine--BOTH of mine. Could it be an attachment I have pulled in?
  • No, that's identifying the Zotero setup that runs on each update, not a file in storage. You can try re-downloading and re-installing the Zotero beta from the official site, but the download channels are well secured and this is almost certainly a false positive (it's detecting what it thinks is the signature of a decade old Trojan)
  • Sorry, Adam. I just responded from another profile. It saw me as "new" and is awaiting approval.
  • Now I have a bigger problem. Kaspersky is removing the beta installation file every time I load it. What can I do?
  • I don't know Kapersky details, but you need to either temporarily disable it or tell it the file is OK (which it is).
  • Setting the exclusions did nothing. It was still killing the setup file within a few seconds of it being written to my Downloads folder. I turned off virus protection (not happy to do that), and it let the file stay, but I got a series of errors when I tried to run the executable:

    This one from Windows:

    This was from Kaspersky:

    Then I right-clicked on the setup executable in Downloads and found this notice from Kaspersky about the file:

    I don't know if the file successfully updated to Zotero because I had already installed it last night. I also looked at information Zotero had about this particular Trojan and it said it was a 2016 Trojan that is still spreading.

    I am especially concerned that Windows is also hitting a problem with it.
  • To be clear, Windows is just complaining because Kaspersky is blocking access to the file.
  • Thanks, @dstillman. I hope it's a one-time issue.
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